ACB Final 1999: Barcelona clearly outperforms Caja San Fernando

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1999 ACB Barcelona Decade 90 Sevilla

In the ACB of 99 Barcelona wins the league by winning in the final against Caja San Fernando of Sevilla by a resounding 3-0. Such was the dominance of the Catalans who did not lose a game in the whole playoff. The Caja San Fernando eliminated Real Madrid with factor court against, in semifinals

*Djordjevic – 11.6p, 4.0a.
*Esteller – 7.6p, 4.0r.
*De la Fuente – 4.0p, 3.6r.
*Alston – 16.6p, 8.3r. 
*Rentzias – 8.3p, 5.3r.
Rodríguez – 2.0p, 1.3a.
Fernandez – 4.0p, 1.6r.
Gurovic – 3.6p, 1.0r.
Junyent – 0p, 1r. (1)
Dueñas – 8.3p, 7.3r.

Caja San Fernando
*Turner – 16.3p, 4.6a.
*Schutte – 4.6p, 1.6r.
*Smith – 5.3p, 7.0r.
*Scott – 12.6p, 3.3r. 
*Romero – 2.6p, 2.3r.
Diez – 0.6p, 1.0r.
Odriozola – 2.3p.
Bosch – 4.6p, 1.6r.
Fernandez – 1.0p. (2)
Kornegay – 4.6p, 4.0r.
Diaz – 4p, 1r. (1)

To reach the final …
Barcelona – Girona (3-0), Estudiantes (3-0)
C.S. Fernando – Pamesa (3-2), Real Madrid (1-3)