Winners’ Cup 1990 Final: Ray Richardson runs Real Madrid

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In 1990 the final of the Recopa was played in Florence, where the Virtus Bologna was proclaimed champion after beating Real Madrid by (79-74), with a great Richardson leading the transalpine

Virtus Bologna – PAOK
Real Madrid – Zalgiris Kaunas

Real Madrid were unable to defend their Cup Winners’ Cup title after losing to Knorr Bologna (the Virtus of all time) in the final in Florence. The Bolognese team, who were practically playing at home (with nearly 6,000 fans who had travelled to the Tuscan capital, less than an hour away from Bologna by coach), fulfilled all the predictions that gave them the title before the final. Ettore Messina, in his first season on the Virtus, thus won his second title with the big V team, after winning the Italian Cup. The Bolognese dominated the scoreboard for most of the match, relying on a stifling defence and control over the pace of the game.

Virtus Bolonia 79
*Brunamonti – 4p, 3r
*Richardson – 29p, 5br
*Bon – 9p, 1r
*Johnson – 8p, 8r
*Binelli – 9p, 7r
Romboli – 0p
Coldebella – 16p, 9r
Righi – 0p
Gallinari – 4p, 3r

Real Madrid 74
*Llorente – 9p, 3a
*Anderson – 20p, 7r
*Frederick – 21p, 6r
*A.Martín – 12p, 9r
*Romay – 1p, 4r
Villalobos – 0p
Cargol – 11p