FIBA Cup Final 2009: La Virtus wins the first EuroChallenge in front of its fans

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2009 Cholet Competitions FIBA Decade 2000 FIBA Cup Virtus Bolonia

In 2009, the final of four of the FIBA Cup was held, the first under the name of «EuroChallenge», in Bologna, where Virtus took advantage of its local status to win the title, beating the French Cholet in the final by (77-75). Keith Langford, MVP of the final tournament, with Boykins as the explosive squire

Cholet 81 – Triumph 78
Virtus Bologna 83 – Proteas AEL 69

It was a hotly contested final, with Bologna’s more contrasting players dealing with a Cholet full of quality and cheekiness, with many young people hungry for glory, including a certain Nando de Colo, who would become a mega star over the years. The Italians always maintained small advantages and the Cholet did not allow distances to be too great (45-39). At times the Gauls came close to three points, but Virtus left again, and with the highest lead in the final (74-61) with six minutes to go. It seemed the thing decided, but no, the Cholet responded with a (2-14) of partial that equaled the situation to few possessions for the final whistle (76-75). The Italians would score one more free kick, and De Colo missed the triple that would give them the title.

Langford (21 points), Boykins (18 points) and the powerful Ford on the inside, with 12 points, were the best in the Virtus. In the Cholet, De Colo (24 points), Marquis (17 points) and Falker (13) on the inside, were the most outstanding.

Virtus Bologna 77
*Boykins – 18p, 5r
*Blizzard – 0p
*Righetti – 6p, 2r
*Terry – 5p, 4r
*Ford – 12p, 12r
Koponen – 4p, 3r
Giovannoni – 6p, 6r
Chiacig – 0p, 1r
Langford – 21p, 4r
Vukcevic – 5p, 1r

Cholet 75
*De Colo – 24p, 4r
*Braswell – 2p, 1a
*Grier – 8p, 6r
*Falker – 13p, 11r
*Marquis – 17p, 10r
Larrouquis – 0p, 1r
Beaubois – 5p, 2a
Seraphin – 2p, 1r
Robinson – 4p, 7r