Winners’ Cup 1988 Final: Limoges can only beat an underdog Joventut

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1988 Competitions FIBA Decade 80 Joventut Badalona Limoges Winners’ Cup

In 1988, the Cup Winners’ Cup final was played in Grenoble, where Limoges beat a Joventut team with a lot of effort and after some extra time, they were eliminated. The French beat them in the end by (96-89), with the Black Greens scoring only 3 points in the extra five minutes

Limoges – Scavolini
Joventut – Bayer Leverkusen

Limoges Cercle Saint-Pierre won the European Cup Winners’ Cup in a thrilling final (including extra time) against Joventut de Badalona, who suffered from the absences and poor form of some of their main players (Crespo injured, Margall and Montero weak and Ruf flu, who were joined during the match by Meriweather and Villacampa, who were eliminated before the decisive extra time). It was the French side that seemed closest to victory when, with 45 seconds remaining, they won by two and had possession of the ball (86-84). Collins forced an inbound under the basket and was blocked by Johnson, allowing Joventut to have one last attack. Faced with the precarious situation of the green-and-black team (with Meriweather and Villacampa eliminated for personal reasons and Margall half lame), Julbe decided to take a risk and ordered his players to look for a triple to win the match and not have to play an extra time. Margall missed the final shot, but again a providential Johnson emerged to catch the rebound and score the equalizer (86-86). In extra time, Joventut paid for all their previous efforts and were denied in attack, as they failed to score a single basket in play. As soon as the extra period began, Penya found themselves four points behind and could no longer recover, with hardly any inside play and continuous failures in the triple shots. With one minute to go, Ostrowski sealed the victory for Limoges (94-89), who limited themselves to controlling the ball in the face of desperate green-black pressure and was still able to score one last basket through Monclar to establish the definitive 96-89.

Limoges 96
*Beugnot – 9p, 3br
*Dacoury – 8p, 4br
*Collins – 28p, 5r
*Ostrowski – 23p, 11r
*Kea – 22p, 8r
Occansey – 0p, 1r
Monclar – 2p
Vestris – 4p, 3r

Joventut 89
*R.Jofresa – 9p, 4a
*Montero – 6p, 2r
*Villacampa – 19p, 4br
*R.Johnson – 18p, 5br
*Meriweather – 13p, 8r
T.Jofresa – 0p
Margall – 14p, 1br
Morales – 10p, 5r
Pardo – 0p