NBA Final 2006 NBA: Mavericks can’t handle Wade’s inspiration

In the 2.006 NBA, the grand final is contested by the favorite Dallas Mavericks, the dominant regular team, against the Miami Heat of Wade, O’Neal and company. Victory went to the Florida team, Dallas won the first two games, and when everything seemed to be heading toward the title, the Miami Heat began to win game after game, with continuous exhibitions of Wade, until winning the title by 2-4

NBA Final 1995: The Rockets forcefully beat some young Magic

In the 1995 NBA, the Houston Rockets won their second consecutive title. Despite not doing a good regular phase and not being a favorite to win the ring, in the playoffs showed their most competitive face, until reaching the final where they swept a young Orlando Magic, captained by O’Neal and Hardaway, and that nothing could do before a very comfortable Rockets in the final. Sweep for Houston 4-0