World Champion Final 1994: The United States Campaigns to Gold

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1994 Decade 90 Russia United States World Champion

In the summer of 1994, the World Cup in Toronto was held, where the United States, with its so-called «Dream Team II», swept from beginning to end to win the Gold medal. In the final the guest of stone was Russia, which lost by a resounding 137-91

In the semifinals, the United States defeated Greece 97-58, while Russia defeated Croatia 66-64. In the Bronze a better Croatia had no problems against Greece, and won by 78-60.

United States 137
*Dumars – 13p, 5a.
*Majerle – 8p, 2r.
*Wilkins – 20p, 2r.
*L.Johnson – 8p, 11r.
*O`Neal – 18p, 10r.
Price – 12p, 5a.
Miller – 11p, 2a.
Kemp – 14p, 9r.
Coleman – 13p, 3r.
Mourning – 15p, 4r.
Smith – 3p, 3a.
K.Johnson – 2p, 2a.

Russia 91
*Bazarevich – 17p, 5a.
*Domani – 13p, 4a.
*Babkov – 22p, 3r.
*Nosov – 7p, 2br.
*Mikhailov – 19p, 4r.
Karashov – 4p, 2a.
Pashutin – 2p, 2a.
Grachev – 0p, 1r.
Kisourin – 5p, 7r.
Ivanov – 0p, 1r.