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NBA Final 2011: History is fair with the Dallas Mavericks

In the NBA of 2011 … The often unfair history owed a league to the Dallas Mavericks. They did not leave as favorites. In the East, the ambitious project of the Heat, with James, Wade and Bosh at the head, the old rockers of Celtics or the booming Bulls of the MVP Rose who were leaders of the regular and in the West the current champions Lakers or the surprising Spurs that during some phases of the competition proved invincible

NBA Final 2006 NBA: Mavericks can’t handle Wade’s inspiration

In the 2.006 NBA, the grand final is contested by the favorite Dallas Mavericks, the dominant regular team, against the Miami Heat of Wade, O’Neal and company. Victory went to the Florida team, Dallas won the first two games, and when everything seemed to be heading toward the title, the Miami Heat began to win game after game, with continuous exhibitions of Wade, until winning the title by 2-4