FIBA Cup 2015 Final: Nanterre takes a stand against Trabzonspor

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2015 Competitions FIBA Decade 2010 FIBA Cup Nanterre Trabzonspor

In 2015 the final four was held in the Turkish city of Trabzon, where the final was not decided until the last possessions between Nanterre and Trabzonspor, when Campbell scored the winning basket on the horn (64-63), which gave the title to the Gauls

Rovinari – Trabzonspor (63-83)
Nanterre – Fraport Skyliners (84-79)

It was a heart attack final, which was not decided until the horn. The Trabzonspor that we say played at home, seemed to want to dominate at the beginning, but with the passage of minutes was the Nanterre who dominated the scoreboard, at halftime (37-28) after a good final part. The French kept the advantage until the last quarter, then the game tightened and we reached the final plays, where Campbell on the horn, sentenced.

Campbell (15 points), Nzeulie (14 points) and Shuler (10 points), the best in Nanterre. In Trabzonspor, Hardy (16 points), Velickovic (13 points) and Stipanovic (10 points), the top scorers.

Nanterre 64
*Campbell – 15p, 3a
*Nzeulie – 14p, 3a
*Shuler – 10p, 3r
*Weems – 8p, 5r
*Jaiteh – 6p, 7r
Gomis – 7p, 3r
Judith – 2p, 1r
Ekperigin – 0p, 4r
Passave-Ducteil – 2p, 4r

Trabzonspor 63
*Bost – 9p, 2r
*Hardy – 16p, 6a
*Saruhan – 0p, 1br
*Velickovic – 13p, 7r
*Stipanovic – 10p, 5r
Akcay – 0p
Altintig – 3p, 1r
Marshall – 5p, 4r
Ivanov – 7p, 3r