NBA Final 1979: Supersonics are made with the only ring of its history

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1979 Decade 70 NBA Washington Bullets

In the 1979 NBA, the champion was the Seattle Supersonics. A championship that they obtained after winning in the final to the Washington Bullets by a clear (4-1). The final began with a disputed (1-1) but in the end the work of Dennis Johnson, Williams’ points and Sikma’s inner game decided the final clearly

Seattle Supersonics
*D. Johnson – 22.6p, 6.0r, 6.0a
*Williams – 28.6p, 3.6r, 3.6a
*J. Johnson – 11.6p, 8.4r, 7.0a
*Shelton – 9.0p, 6.2r, 1.8a
*Sikma – 16.2p, 14.8r, 3.2t
Brown – 9.2p, 2.2a, 1.2r
Silas – 3.2p, 4.6r, 1.0a
Awtrey – 0.5p. (4)
Walker – 0.3p. (3)
Hassett – 0.0p. (2)

Washington Bullets
*Wright – 11.2p, 2.4a, 1.8r
*Dandrigde – 21.8p, 8.0r, 5.4a
*Grevey – 10.2p, 2.2r, 1.2a
*Unseld – 11.0p, 11.4r, 3.6a
*Hayes – 20.0p, 11.8r, 2.0t
Ballard – 7.6p, 5.6r
Johnson – 7.2p, 1.6r
Henderson – 5.8p, 4.8a, 1.4r
Corzine – 0.5p, 2.8r. (4)
Chenier – 1.6p, 1.0r, 1.0a. (3)

In order to reach the final they beat…
Seattle Supersonics – Angeles Lakers (4-1), Phoenix Suns (4-3)
Washigton Bullets – Atlanta Hawks (4-3), San Antonio Spurs (4-3)