EuroBasket Final 1979: Israel incapable of disturbing the Soviet Union

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1979 Decade 70 Israel Soviet Union

The Eurobasket was held in Italy in 1979, with the Grand Final in Turin. After two phases, the medals were played between the Soviet Union and Israel for Gold, and Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia for Bronze. In the final we didn’t have much of a match (98-76), where Israel seemed to be aware of their inferiority against the Soviets and very happy for their silver, and without the possibility of being able to stop Belov, Tarakanov and Tkatchenko

In the Bronze, the match was much closer (99-92), but in the end the quality of the Yugoslavs prevailed against a Czechoslovakia that was left at the gates of the metals.

Soviet Union 98
*Belov – 22p
*Homicius – 4p
*Tarakanov – 22p
*Bellosteny – 1p
*Tkatchenko – 29p
Eremine – 4p
Zarmuhamedov – 6p
Lopatov – 2p
Edechko – 2p
Mishkin – 2p
Salnikov – 2p
Zhigiliy – 2p

Israel 76
*Aroesti – 6p
*Berkowitz – 16p
*Yanay – 18p
*Silver – 12p
*Menkin – 10p
Shwartz – 4p
Ben Ari – 2p
Leibowitz – 2p
Moscowitz – 0p
Kaplan – 6p
Sherf – 0p
Hozez – 0p