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2012 NBA Final: LeBron James is crowned «King»

In the NBA of 2012, it will always be remembered as the year the «King» was crowned. Lebron James was proclaimed champion of the NBA with his Miami Heat. Putting prize to that project that gathered three stars of the caliber of the mentioned James, Wade and Bosh, two years before. In the previous season they were on the verge of success, losing in the final to the Mavericks. But this year things were practically filmed for him

ACB Final 2012: Barcelona repeats the title eight years later

In the 2.012 ACB, Regal Barcelona once again tasted the honey of victory. After 8 years a team and again Barcelona is able to win two leagues in a row in a competition as demanding as the ACB. In the final five years later returned the classic. Barcelona and Real Madrid offered us a before final, emotion, fight, alternations, seven years ago that an ACB final was not decided in the fifth match. Both teams deserved to win, but only one could, the Regal Barcelona

EuroLeague Final 2012: CSKA get carried away and Olympiacos win in epic final

In the first phase group A gave us the classification of Bilbao and the premature elimination of a historian like Caja Laboral. Cantu, after many years out of the elite, ranks among the best. Fenerbahce Ulker and Olympiacos played a hand to hand until the end. In group B CSKA did not lose a single match, Panathinaikos was a solid second. Unicaja and Zalgiris qualify with a negative balance