2012 NBA Final: LeBron James is crowned «King»

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2012 Decade 2010 Miami Heat NBA Oklahoma City Thunder

In the NBA of 2012, it will always be remembered as the year the «King» was crowned. Lebron James was proclaimed champion of the NBA with his Miami Heat. Putting prize to that project that gathered three stars of the caliber of the mentioned James, Wade and Bosh, two years before. In the previous season they were on the verge of success, losing in the final to the Mavericks. But this year things were practically filmed for him

In the east, their great rivals, the Chicago Bulls were eliminated in the first round after injury to their star Rose, with the Magic missing and the very old Celtics, had free rein to repeat final. In it some young Oklahoma City Thunder who had to pay the toll of being a rookie in the NBA finals and were no rival. Durant, Westbrook and our Ibaka will have to wait. Despite having the pitch factor in their favor and winning the first game, they were always a step behind, to finish with a clear 1-4 balance for the state of Florida. Miami Heat NBA champion for the second time in his career and Lebron James unofficially the best player on the planet, with his NBA ring and his two MVP, the season and the final.

Miami Heat
*Chalmers – 10.4p, 4.0a, 2.6r.
*Wade – 22.6p, 6.0r, 5.2a.
*Battier – 11.6p, 3.4r, 1.0br.
*James – 28.6p, 10.2r, 7.4a.
*Bosh – 14.6p, 9.4r, 1.2t.
Cole – 3.2p, 1.0r. (4)
Miller – 6.2p, 1.8r.
Jones – 2.7p, 1.5r. (4)
Haslem – 1.7p, 4.7r.
Harris – 3p, 1r. (1)
Turiaf – 0p. (1)
Anthony – 0p. (1)
Howard – 0p. (1)


Oklahoma City Thunder
*Westbrook – 27.0p, 6.6a, 6.4r.
*Sefolosha – 4.6p, 2.0r, 1.0a.
*Durant – 30.6p, 6.0r, 2.2a.
*Ibaka – 7.0p, 5.2r, 2.0t.
*Perkins – 4.8p, 6.8r.
Fisher – 5.6p, 1.6r.
Harden – 10.4p, 4.8r, 3.6a.
Cook – 0.6p. (3)
Collison – 3.6p, 4.6r.
Ivey – 6p. (1)
Hayward – 2p, 2r. (1)
Aldrich – 2p, 1r. (1)


To reach the final they won …
Miami Heat – New York Knicks (4-1), Indiana Pacers (4-2), Boston Celtics (4-3)
Oklahoma City  Thunder – Dallas Mavericks (4-0), Angeles Lakers (4-1), San Antonio Spurs (4-2)