Winners’ Cup 1994 Final: Olimpija’s shot beats Baskonia

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1994 Baskonia Competitions FIBA Decade 90 Olimpija Winners’ Cup

In 1994, the Cup Winners’ Cup final was held in Lausanne between the Smelt Olimpija and Baskonia. The Basques started as favourites, but found themselves facing a lethal team from the start. That difference in attack gave Smelt Olimpija the title (91-81)

Aris Thessaloniki – Smelt Olimpija (2-1)
Baskonia – Cholet (2-1)

The Ljubljana Olympics were the big surprise and deservedly beat the hot favourite, Taugrés Baskonia, in the European Cup final. The men in charge of digging the grave for the Victorian team were forward Roman Horvat and point guard Dušan Hauptman, who scored nine and six trebles respectively in a veritable show of outside shooting for the Slovenian outfit. Both teams reached the final convinced of their victory. Ten days after losing the Copa del Rey to Barcelona, Taugrés were hoping to make up for it. Olimpija were confident in the quality of their players, which had already been evident in the qualifying group and the semi-finals. Slovenian coach Zmago Sagadin knew that the key to the match was to stop Perasović and dominate the attacking rebound. He was successful in the former, as between Daneu and Gorenc they managed to hold off the Croatian shooting guard. In the second, Đurišić and Nosov, with some problems against Rivas and Bannister, also fulfilled their goal.

Smelt Olimpija 91
*Hauptmann – 27p, 5a
*Daneu – 2p
*Horvat – 33p, 5r
*Durisic – 2p, 6r
*Nosov – 3p, 5r
Tusek – 8p, 1a
Kraljevic – 6p, 5r
Gorenc – 10p, 3a

Baskonia 81
*Laso – 3p, 16a
*Perasovic – 22p, 7r
*Abad – 8p, 4r
*Bannister – 32p, 11r
*Rivas – 3p, 4r
Talaverón – 0p
Cazorla – 1p, 1r
Gómez – 12p, 6r