Winners` Cup 1989 Final: The most lethal Petrovic beats «Mao Santa»

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1989 Caserta Competitions FIBA Decade 80 Real Madrid Winners’ Cup

In 1989 the final of the Cup Winners’ Cup was held in Piraeus, where we saw one of the most spectacular duels in memory. Real Madrid vs. Snaidero Caserta, or what was the same a Petrovic vs. Oscar Shmidt, where the whites, after an extra time took the title (117-113)

Zalgiris Kaunas – Snaidero Caserta
Cibona – Real Madrid

Real Madrid won their second European Cup Winners’ Cup in a match that was marked by the dazzling performance of Dražen Petrović, who scored 62 points himself, and also did so with outstanding percentages (12 out of 14 in two shots, 8 out of 16 in three pointers and 14 out of 15 in free throws). However, and by paradoxes of life, he almost dragged his team to defeat when, with eight seconds left to the end of the forty regulation minutes, with the match tied at 102, he lost a golden ball in attack; fortunately for Lolo Sainz’s men, the triple that Gentile tried did not go in (besides a personal foul by Biriukov that was pointed out out out of time) and it was reached an extra time of clear madridist. The 117-113 final clearly reflects the attacking nature of both teams and represents the highest combined score in the history of European finals; it also equals the scoring record of one team (which Partizan held in their 117-110 win over Bosna in the Cup final Korać in 1978), and on an individual level the 62 points of Petrović represent an absolute record in a European final.

Real Madrid 117
*Petrovic – 62p, 1r
*Biriukov – 20p, 3r
*Rogers – 14p, 1r
*A.Martín – 2p, 4r
*F.Martín – 11p, 7r
Llorente – 0p
Cargol – 4p, 1r
Romay – 4p, 5r

Snaidero Caserta 113
*Gentile – 34p, 10r
*Esposito – 2p, 3r
*Oscar – 44p, 4r
*Dell´Agnello – 18p, 12r
*Glouchkov – 13p, 11r
Vitiello – 0p
Rizzo – 0p, 1r
Polesello – 0p, 5r
Tufano – 0p
Boselli – 2p, 1r