Winners’ Cup 1982 Final: La Cibona beat Real Madrid by one point after extra time

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In 1982 the Cup Winners’ Cup final was held in Brussels, where La Cibona won their first Cup Winners’ Cup after beating Real Madrid after some extra time, by (96-95)

Virtus Bologna – Real Madrid
Stroitel – Cibona

Cibona Zagreb won their first European Cup Winners’ Cup and their second continental title – after the 1972 Korać Cup, when the team was called Lokomotiva – by beating Real Madrid, the clear favourite before the final, by a single point and after extra time to win the title. The madridistas went to lose their only match of the competition at the most inopportune moment, and they did it after a first bad time in which they were weighted down by the bad match of Corbalán and by the inferiority of the white pivots in the rebound, what prevented Real Madrid from putting into practice their best weapon: the counterattack.

Cibona 96
*A.Petrovic – 22p
*Pavlicevic – 12p
*Nakic – 6p
*Cosic – 22p
*Knego – 34p
Becic – 0p
Cutura – 0p
Gospodnetic – 0p

Real Madrid 95
*Corbalán – 0p
*Delibasic – 15p
*Iturriaga – 10p
*Chrnelich – 6p
*F.Martín – 30p
Brabender – 17p
Romay – 9p
Llorente – 8p
Rullán – 0p