Winners’ Cup 1980 Final: Varese beat Cantu in extra time

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1980 Cantú Competitions FIBA Decade 80 Varese Winners’ Cup

In 1980, the Cup Winners’ Cup final was held in Milan, where everything was left at home because two Italian teams competed. In the end, Varese beat Cantú (90-88) in a very even match that needed some extra time to know the winner

Leiden – Varese
Barcelona – Cantu

Another victory for an Italian team in the European Cup Winners’ Cup, this time with a double transalpine representation in the final (more specifically, with two teams from the province of Lombardy). Gabetti Cantú, champions in the last three editions of this competition, could not defend their title for the fourth consecutive year, as Emerson Varese won the title in an intense and even match that was resolved after extra time. Despite the poor form of Ossola and Meneghin, the Varese team dominated the scoreboard from the outset, thanks to their consistent play and superb defence. However, Gabetti’s extraordinary second-half reaction resulted in an 82-yard draw at the end of normal time. In extra time, two baskets from the great Dino Meneghin before they were eliminated at the end of the game gave Emerson a significant four-point lead, which Dodo Rusconi’s team managed wisely to take to the field and win their second European Cup Winners’ Cup 13 years later.

Varese 90
*Ossola – 0p
*Mottini – 22p
*Morse – 24p
*Seals – 26p
*Meneghin – 6p
Colombo – 3p
Gualco – 2p
Carraria – 7p

Cantu 88
*Marzorati – 20p
*Gergati – 2p
*Smith – 13p
*Bariviera – 11p
*Flowers – 10p
Cattini – 10p
Tombolato – 4p
Riva – 18p
Beretta – 0p