FIBA Cup 2013 Final: Samara comes back and wins at the last minute

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2013 Competitions FIBA Decade 2010 FIBA Cup Karsiyaka Samara

In 2013 the final four was held in the Turkish city of Izmir. In a final with two very different parts, the first for the Karsiyaka, and the second for the Russians, everything was decided with a free kick by Wilson seconds away from the end (77-76)

Karsiyaka 66 – EWE Baskets 62
Gravelines 78 – Krasnye Samara 81

The Turks dominated, with the atmosphere in front of them, throughout the first half, arriving at half-time with a twelve-point lead (34-46). After the break things changed dramatically, with Samara putting in a 20-9 split, which put things (54-55) 10 minutes from the end. A last quarter that was a constant give and take, until everything was decided in the last two possessions, where Samara added a free kick that finally was worth a title, because the Turks in the hands of Diebler, were not able to score in the last possession.

Simmons (18 points), Collins (18 points) and Smith (14 points) were the top scorers on the Russian side. In Karsiyaka, Dixon (23 points), Mutaf (16 points) and Aminu (12 points).

Krasnye Samara 77
*Miles – 8p, 3a
*Simmons – 18p, 3r
*Thomas – 9p, 7r
*Smith – 14p, 7r
*Balashov – 0p, 5r
Kulagin – 3p, 1r
Wilson – 5p, 6r
Vasilev – 0p, 1r
Pushkov – 2p, 4r
Collins – 18p, 2r
Kolesnikov – 0p, 3r

Karsiyaka 76
*Dixon – 23p, 6a
*Diebler – 4p, 2r
*Topaloglu – 2p, 2r
*Thomas – 10p, 4r
*Aminu – 12p, 5r
Sonkol – 8p, 3r
Mutaf – 16p, 2br
Sanders – 0p, 2r
Senturk – 1p
Pacum – 0p, 1r