Cup 2024 Final: Real Madrid reclaims the title four years later

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2024 Barcelona Cup Decade 2020 Real Madrid

In 2024, the Copa del Rey was held in Málaga, once again proving to be a talismanic city for Real Madrid, where the Whites, just like four years ago, reclaimed the title after defeating Barcelona in a thrilling final

The final was fiercely contested until the beginning of the final quarter, where Real Madrid managed to seize a maximum lead of twelve points, enabling them to enter the final minutes with a comfortable advantage to secure the title without much pressure, transitioning from the (66-63) scoreline at the end of the third quarter to a final score of (96-85).

Real Madrid distributed their scoring well, with six players scoring 10 or more points, with MVP Campazzo standing out, alongside an impeccable Poirier who excelled both defensively and offensively, not missing a single shot at the basket.

The expulsion of Vesely due to five personal fouls was crucial, as he was one of the best performers for Barcelona, and his absence came at a crucial moment when Real Madrid surged ahead on the scoreboard, ensuring they wouldn’t look back.


Real Madrid 84 – UCAM Murcia 79
Gran Canaria 81 – Valencia Basket 89
Barcelona 102 – BAXI Manresa 91
Unicaja Málaga 83 – Lenovo Tenerife 91

Real Madrid 95 – Valencia Basket 76
Barcelona 108 – Lenovo Tenerife 76

Real Madrid 96
*Campazzo – 18p, 6a, 3br
*Musa – 15p, 4r, 3a
*Deck – 13p, 3r, 1a
*Yabusele – 15p, 9r
*Tavares – 4p, 3r, 4t
Rodríguez – 0p, 1r, 3a
Llull – 2p
Rudy – 0p, 1r, 1a
Hezonja – 12p, 2r, 1a
Poirier – 17p, 8r, 2t
Causeur –
Abalde –

Barcelona 85
*Satoransky – 15p, 1r, 1a
*Kalinic – 3p, 2r, 2a
*Parker – 19p, 3r, 2br
*Da Silva – 0p, 2r
*Vesely – 14p, 5r, 1a
Jokubaitis – 7p, 1a
Laprovittola – 6p, 2r, 4a
Brizuela – 8p, 1r, 2a
Abrines – 2p
Hernangómez – 8p, 8r
Parra – 3p, 1r
Nnaji –