Champions League 2024 Final: Unicaja Málaga wins the most hispanic F4 ever

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2024 Champions League Competitions FIBA Decade 2020 Tenerife Unicaja Málaga

In 2024 the final four of the BCL was held in Belgrade, in an event with up to three Spanish teams, which led to a Hispanic final between Unicaja Malaga and Lenovo Tenerife, where the andalusians were proclaimed champions at the first opportunity they had, winning by (80-75). Kendrick Perry was the MVP of the tournament

The BCL maintains its playoff format of quarterfinals to the best of three, and a final four to decide the champion.

Unicaja Malaga – Promitheas (2-0)
UCAM Murcia – Ludwigsburg (2-0)
Tofas Bursa – Lenovo Tenerife (1-2)
Bonn – Peristeri (1-2)

Unicaja Malaga 80 – UCAM Murcia 74
Lenovo Tenerife 97 – Peristeri 93

Unicaja dominated most of the final, especially in the first half, which allowed them to reach the break with an advantage of +11 (27-38), against a Tenerife, weighed down by its poor start of the game, scoring only 10 points in the first 10 minutes.

After the restart Tenerife’s reaction was experienced, where with their best minutes, they were able to equalize the final, (56-62). But it seemed that this game was not going to escape Unicaja, who confirmed in the final minutes that they deserved to be champions of the Basketball Champions League.

Unicaja Malaga 80
*Díaz – 5p, 5a
*Carter – 11p, 2a
*Barreiro – 5p, 1r
*Osetkowski – 6p, 4r
*Sima – 2p, 2r
Perry – 17p, 2r
Dedovic – 14p, 2r
Kalinoski – 8p, 1r
Thomas – 4p, 2r
Kravish – 8p, 5r
Taylor – 0p, 3r
Lima – 0p

Lenovo Tenerife 75
*Huertas – 14p, 9a, 5r
*Guy – 18p, 6r
*Abromaitis – 5p, 7r
*Cook – 0p, 3r
*Guerra – 5p, 1r
Fitipaldo – 8p, 3a
Salin – 3p
Sastre – 3p, 1r
Vicedo – 3p, 1r
Shermandini – 16p, 6r