Winners’ Cup 1991 Final: Environmental hostility deprived Zaragoza of the title

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1991 Competitions FIBA Decade 90 PAOK Thessaloniki Winners’ Cup Zaragoza

In 1991, the Cup Winners’ Cup final was held in Geneva, where Zaragoza, who were on the right track in the final, lost to PAOK (76-72), in a match where they were heavily influenced by the extra-sporting

Cholet – Zaragoza
PAOK – Dynamo MBK

Incredibly, CAI Zaragoza let a European Cup Winners’ Cup win slip away with five minutes to go, after overcoming an unusually hostile atmosphere led by PAOK fans – with the acquiescence of FIBA and the permissiveness of the Swiss police – and a Greek team that was clearly inferior for most of the match. The match was marked by incidents involving Greek supporters before the match (assaults on the fans in the streets of Geneva and ticket theft), during the match (throwing of objects and interruption of play) and at the end of the match (multiple damages to the court). In the midst of an even and uncertain final, Davis committed his fifth personal foul with just under two minutes left, and that was the final blow that sunk the CAI, as it was the only shooter with guarantees of his team. A huge field behind Magee, a clear tray missed by Ruiz Lorente and a «1 + 1» missed by Pepe Arcega ended with the last hopes mañas. In the end, PAOK victory in a match that escaped him incredibly to the CAI, when it seemed his victory easier.

*Stavrokopoulos – 15p, 6r
*Prelevic – 31p, 2r
*Makaras – 0p, 4r
*Barlow – 20p, 3r
*Fassoulas – 7p, 7r
Boudouris – 0p, 1t
Papachronis – 0p, 3r
Ioannou – 3p, 2br

Zaragoza 72
*P.Arcega – 1p
*M.Davis – 24p, 3r
*F.Arcega – 17p, 2r
*Andreu – 6p, 4r
*Magee – 17p, 12r
Lorente – 5p, 1r
Zapata – 2p, 2r
Hernández – 0p
Murcia – 0p, 2r