Winners’ Cup 1987 Final: La Cibona gives Scavolini no chance

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1987 Cibona Zagreb Competitions FIBA Decade 80 Scavolini Winners’ Cup

In 1987 the Cup Winners’ Cup final was held in Novi Sad, where La Cibona, led by Drazen Petrovic, left Scavolini (89-74) with few options, despite the fact that the Italians dominated throughout the second half

CSKA Moscow – Scavolini
ASVEL Villeurbanne – Cibona Zagreb

In front of nearly 10,000 mostly Yugoslavian fans, La Cibona have won their fifth continental title (two European Cups, two European Cup Winners’ Cups and one Cup Korać when they were called KK Lokomotiva). In fact, given the potential plavi and the fact that they played the final on home soil, hardly anyone was giving Scavolini a chance. Four consecutive triples by Aleksandar Petrović meant the definitive take-off of the Zagreb players (72-61, min. 33), and from that moment on the Cibona players dedicated themselves to «dancing» to their rivals, with a basketball half filigree, half humiliation, before the ecstasy of their fans, who saw their team manage to extend their advantage to sixteen points (78-62, min. 35). Magnifico’s subsequent entrance into the court was useless, because the game was already decided. The final victory of the Yugoslavs can be considered fair for all the circumstances in their favor, but in any case their bad manners and their provocations throughout the game were left over before the referee’s consent.

Cibona 89
*A.Petrovic – 18p, 3r
*D.Petrovic – 28p, 8r, 6a
*Cvjeticanin – 5p, 1a
*Nakic – 17p, 9r
*Knego – 4p, 2r
Cutura – 6p, 2r
Vukicevic – 3p
Usic – 6p, 1br
Arapovic – 2p, 4r

Scavolini 74
*Gracis – 6p, 5r
*Fredick – 24p, 4r
*Davis – 12p, 6r
*Magnifico – 20p, 7r
*Costa – 10p, 10r
Sonaglia – 0p
Zampolini – 2p, 2r
Natali – 0p