Winners’ Cup 1986 Final: Barcelona win their second consecutive Winners’ Cup

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1986 Barcelona Competitions FIBA Decade 80 Scavolini Winners’ Cup

In 1986 the Cup Winners’ Cup final was played by Barcelona and Scavolini in the city of Caserta. The Italians were playing in their country, but they could do little against a Barcelona team that proved to be superior (101-86)

Barcelona – CSKA Moscow
Scavolini – Joventut

For the second year in a row, Barcelona has won the European Cup Winners’ Cup by embroidering a great basketball. The azulgrana played a very serious game in which they always were ahead in the scoreboard (except for a 2-4 initial) and they clearly beat a too individualistic Scavolini de Pésaro, who never gave the sensation of being able to win the game. The most decisive men in the final were Sibilio (who seems to have definitively left behind his traumas from past European finals) and Mark Smith (author of an incredible series of 9 out of 9 in shots of two).

Barcelona 101
*Seara – 2p, 3r
*Epi – 20p, 4r
*Sibilio – 25p, 2a
*De la Cruz – 4p, 3r
*Wiltjer – 14p, 18r
Solozabal – 10p, 4r
Smith – 22p, 5r
Ortiz – 4p, 4r

Scavolini 86
*Fredrick – 32p, 2a
*Sylvester – 18p, 6r
*Zampolini – 4p, 4r
*Tillis – 11p, 6r
*Magnifico – 14p, 6r
Gracis – 0p
Costa – 7p, 5r