Winners’ Cup 1983 Final: ASVEL cannot match Scavolini’s attack

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1983 ASVEL Villeurbanne Competitions FIBA Decade 80 Scavolini Winners’ Cup

In 1983 the Cup Winners’ Cup final was played in Palma de Mallorca, where we enjoyed a very offensive final, where Scavolini beat ASVEL by (111-99) in a match where the defences were conspicuous by their absence

Scavolini – Smelt Olimpija
ASVEL Villeurbanne – Nashua

With the first ball played, it was clear what the match was going to be: a struggle of a superior team (Scavolini) against another that found in the motivation and will their weapons to overcome (ASVEL). The very strong and aggressive individual defence of the Italians drowned the French, who resolved – when they could – in individual actions (especially from Rigo). The rebound was almost always dominated by Jerkov and Magnifico. A sensational Mike Sylvester and an incredible «Kicia» Kićanović offered a real shooting recital (despite the Yugoslav playing with an injured knee during the whole match) and brought the French zone defence down the street of bitterness. The whole game was almost a formality, because Villeurbanne never looked like they would win the final.

Scavolini 111
*Kicanovic – 31p
*Sylvester – 24p
*Zampolini – 14p
*Magnifico – 9p
*Jerkov – 23p
Ponzoni – 8p
Benevelli – 2p

ASVEL Villeurbanne 99
*Gilles – 8p
*Batts – 20p
*Vebobe – 2p
*Szanyiel – 26p
*Boston – 24p
Rigo – 19p