Winners’ Cup 1981 Final: El Cantu beats Barcelona again

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1981 Barcelona Cantú Competitions FIBA Decade 80 Winners’ Cup

In 1981, the Cup Winners’ Cup final was held in Rome, where the Cantu was able to beat Barcelona (86-82) in a final without an owner until the last possession

Barcelona – Cibona
Varese – Cantu

The Squibb Cantu have once again made their name on the European Cup Winners’ Cup trophy list by winning their fourth title in the last five editions of the competition, confirming their status as the real «black beast» of Barcelona, which they have beaten in recent years in this same competition. Despite everything, the azulgrana team had the victory in their hands and let it escape in a few moments of madness, in which they noticed the weight of the nerves and the numerous missed free throws. On an individual level, Barcelona accused one of their best players, Chicho Sibilio, of not contributing enough. The Spanish-Dominican player was in absolute denial and went completely unnoticed. Not only did he have a disastrous day in front of the goal (just three points for a man who easily goes over 20 per game), but he barely rehearsed his shot four times, clear proof of his lack of confidence in this match. In the baseline match, Squibb clearly won the game with a Marzorati who imposed his rhythm of play.

Cantú 86
*Marzorati – 14p, 4r
*Riva – 15p, 2r
*Bariviera – 6p, 2br
*Boswell – 18p, 9r
*Flowers – 14p, 8r
Innocentin – 6p, 1r
Cattini – 4p, 2r
Tombolato – 9p, 5r

Barcelona 82
*Creus – 4p, 1a
*Epi – 28p, 6r
*Sibilio – 3p, 3r
*De la Cruz – 17p, 6r
*Ruland – 17p, 8r
Solozabal – 2p, 3a
Ansa – 9p, 1r
Philips – 2p, 4r