NBA 1973 Final: Knicks win the ring again three years later

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1973 Angeles Lakers Decade 70 NBA New York Knicks

The 73 NBA was for the New York Knicks, they returned to the championship three seasons later. In the final, the New Yorkers didn’t have much trouble beating the Angeles Lakers 4-1. The Lakers won the first game, but then it was all about wins for the Knicks, despite the short scoring distance. MVP Willis Reed, led a very choral team

New York Knicks
*Frazier – 16.6p, 6.8r, 5.2a
*Monroe – 16.0p, 4.2a, 2.8r
*Bradley – 18.6p, 4.8r, 3.4a
*DeBusschere – 15.6p, 11.6r, 2.0a
*Reed – 16.4p, 9.2r, 2.6a
Jackson – 8.4p, 5.6r, 2.0a
Lucas – 7.6p, 4.6r, 2.8r
Meminger – 1.0p, 1.0r, 1.4a
Gianelli – 1.0p. (2)
Barnett – 2p. (1)

Angeles Lakers
*West – 21.4p, 4.6a, 3.2r
*Goodrich – 21.8p, 5.6r, 3.0a
*McMillian – 19.6p, 4.6r, 2.0a
*Bridges – 9.0p, 10.6r, 1.8r
*Chamberlain – 11.6p, 18.6r, 3.8a
Erickson – 6.4p, 4.6r, 1.6a
Counts – 5.8p, 4.8r
Hairston – 3.0p, 2.0r. (2)
Riley – 0p. (1)

To get to the final they beat…
New York Knicks – Baltimore Bullets (4-1), Boston Celtics (4-3)
Angeles Lakers – Chicago Bulls (4-3), Golden State Warriors (4-1)