NBA 1972 Final: Lakers don’t have too much trouble against the Knicks

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1972 Angeles Lakers Decade 70 NBA New York Knicks

The ’72 NBA went to the Los Angeles Lakers after beating the New York Knicks 1-4. The New Yorkers started the final winning, but from then on they saw how they chained defeat after defeat until they lost the final with absolute clarity against a much superior Lakers

Angeles Lakers
*West – 19.8p, 8.8a, 4.0r
*Goodrich – 25.6p, 2.6r, 2.6a
*McMillian – 16.8p, 4.2r, 1.4a
*Hairston – 14.2p, 14.6r, 1.4a
*Chamberlain – 19.4p, 23.2r, 2.6a
Riley – 5.0p, 1.8r
Ellis – 3.0p, 4.2r, 1.0a
Trapp – 1.6p. (3)
Robinson – 3.5p, 1.5r. (2)
Cleamons – 2.0p, 1.0r, 1.0a. (2)

New York Knicks
*Frazier – 23.0p, 8.0r, 8.0a
*Bradley – 19.6p, 3.2a, 2.6r
*Jackson – 11.4p, 5.8r
*Lucas – 20.8p, 9.8r, 6.2a
*DeBusschere – 10.4p, 12.8r, 2.2a
Monroe – 6.8p, 2.6a, 2.0r
Meminger – 3.8p, 3.4r, 2.0a
Barnett – 6.5p, 1.0r. (4)
Mast – 1.0p, 1.3r. (4)
Rackley – 0.5p. (4)
Miles – 0.6p, 1.0r. (3)
Paulk – 0.0p. (3)

To get to the final they beat…
Angeles Lakers – Chicago Bulls (4-0), Milwaukee Bucks (4-2)
New York Knicks – Baltimore Bullets (4-2), Boston Celtics (4-1)