NBA 1970 Final: Knicks win first ring after defeating struggling Lakers

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1970 Angeles Lakers Decade 70 NBA New York Knicks

It was a very intense final, with no team capable of winning two games in a row, and with the Knicks touching glory by winning the seventh and final game of the series (4-3). Willis Read, MVP of the final, and his team were able to overcome opposition from West and Chamberlain

New York Knicks
*Frazier – 17.6p, 10.4a, 7.7r
*Barnett – 18.6p, 4.3a, 2.3r
*Bradley – 12.1p, 4.0r, 2.7a
*Reed – 23.0p, 10.5r, 2.8a
*DeBusschere – 19.0p, 12.6r, 2.6a
Russell – 9.3p, 3.6r, 1.4a.
Stallworth – 7.0p, 4.7r, 1.6a
Riordan – 4.3p, 1.9r, 1.4a
Bowman – 4.1p, 3.0r
Warren – 0.5p. (4)
Hosket – 1.0p. (2)

Angeles Lakers
*West – 31.3p, 7.7a, 3.4r
*Garrett – 13.0p, 3.0r, 2.1a
*Erickson – 11.6p, 4.7a, 4.4r
*Baylor – 17.9p, 11.3r, 4.7a
*Chamberlain – 23.3p, 24.1r, 4.0a
Egan – 3.6p.
Hairston – 6.5p, 4.3r, 1.5a. (6)
Tresvant – 4.5p, 2.8r, 1.3a. (4)
Cuenta – 4.0p, 2.6r. (3)
Roberson – 2.3p, 1.3r. (3)
McCarter – 0p, 1r. (1)
Lynn – 0p. (1)

To get to the final they beat…
New York Knicks – Baltimore Bullets (4-3); Milwaukee Bucks (4-1)
Angeles Lakers – Phoenix Suns (4-3); Atlanta Hawks (4-0)