Korac Final 1989: Partizan quality beats Cantú

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1989 Cantú Competitions FIBA Decade 80 Korac Cup Partizan

In 1989 the Korac final was played between Partizan and Cantu, where each of the local teams won their home game, with the title being decided by a resounding victory for the Serbs in the second leg. Djordjevic, Danilovic, Divac, Paspalj,… Balkan talent at its best

Partizan – Zadar
Cantú – Olimpia Milan

Cantu, the small furniture capital of northern Italy, is thrilled to see its team revive old European laurels and win its fourth Cup Korać after defeating Partizan Belgrade 89-76 in the first leg. Thanks to an exceptional Kent Benson – recovered at the last minute after two months of inactivity following knee surgery – the Vismara Cantú can face the return match with some guarantees. The Vismara Cantú was unable to claim the thirteen-point gain from the first leg and gave way to Partizan Belgrade, who won their third Cup Korać after an exceptional Vlade Divac match, a constant nightmare for the opposing pivots with their mobility and shooting ability (13/19). The Italian basketball team thus ends a black season in which, for the first time since the establishment of the three European club competitions in 1972, its teams have failed to win any European titles (coupled with exclusion from the Seoul Olympics at the start of the season). Despite the 36 points of their gunner Antonello Riva (albeit with a dismal 2/11 from three shots), the Cantu outfit paid for Pierluigi Marzorati’s poor performance, the return to «normality» of their American pivot Kent Benson (after his display in the first leg), Jeff Turner’s excessive individualism and the poor attacking contribution of a Beppe Bosa more concerned with marking ‘arko Paspalj’. In the end (101-82).

*Djordjevic – 21.5p
*Danilovic – 10.0p
*Paspalj – 16.5p
*Vujacic – 3.5p
*Divac – 29.0p
Nakic – 2.5p
Savovic – 1.5p
Popovic – 8p. (1)

*Marzorati – 4.5p
*Riva – 27.5p
*Bosa – 12.0p
*Turner – 14.0p
*Benson – 18.5p
Cappelletti – 1.0p
Milesi – 3.0p
Gilardi – 4.5p
Rossini – 0.5p