Korac 2002 Final: Sluc Nancy wins the last Korac Cup

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2002 Competitions FIBA Decade 2000 Korac Cup Lokomotiv Kuban Nancy

In 2002, the last Korac Cup final was held, where Sluc Nancy won by beating Lokomotiv Rostov in two matches of great difference for the winner. In the first match the Gauls won by 26 points, but in the second match the Russians won by 22 points, so there was emotion almost until the end

Sluc Nancy – Dijon
Fuenlabrada – Maroussi
Ramat-Gan – Pivovarna Lasko
Lokomotiv – Prokom Trefl

Sluc Nancy – Pivovarna Lasko
Maroussi – Lokomotiv

Les cougars (the cougars) – SLUC Nancy’s nickname – «roared» with force in the first leg of the Korać Cup final (the last edition of this tournament before its merger with the Saporta Cup in the 2002-03 season) and defeated BK Lokomotiv by an overwhelming 98-72, putting their first European title on track. Despite a significant return from the first leg, SLUC Nancy approached the game on Russian soil with some trepidation, knowing the quality of the Russian team (joined by the significant injury loss of international centre-half Cyril Julian). His concern was not unjustified, as BK Lokomotiv came close to turning the tie around: in the 36th minute they were 22 points clear (86-64) and just four points behind on aggregate.

Sluc Nancy
*Smith – 14.5p, 8.0a
*Boskovic – 12.5p, 8.0r
*Land – 14.0p, 2.0r
*Dubos – 10.0p, 10.0r
*Masingue – 17.0p, 11.5r
Gomis – 11.5p, 2.5a.
Zianveni – 4.5p, 5.5r
Julian – 4p, 1br. (1)

Lokomotiv Rostov
*Kudelin – 16.0p, 2.5r
*Robinson – 18.5p, 3.5r
*Jagodnik – 6.0p, 7.0r
*Farmer – 9.0p, 7.5r
*E.Zukauskas – 17.5p, 13.0r
Vedischev – 6.5p, 3.5r
Tsypachev – 6.5p, 6.0r
Bencic – 3.5p, 2.0r
Konovalov – 0p. (1)