Korac 1986 Final: Roma beat Caserta in a hard-fought final

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1986 Caserta Competitions FIBA Decade 80 Korac Cup Roma

In 1986 the Korac was an Italian thing. It was a very evenly matched final, where Roma won both games by a narrow margin, where the chorus of the Romans overcame the attack of a more ill-advised Oscar Schmidt

Varese – Caserta
Antibes – Rome

Despite a poor showing in the Italian Lega and a recent loss to Mobilgirgi himself, Banco di Roma managed a major away win in the first leg of the Cup final Korać. The Romans relied on an overwhelming dominance of the rebound (64 captures compared to 37 from their rivals) and an excellent zonal defence that did not allow for comfortable shooting positions for the home players. Although La Girgi’s fearsome Brazilian striker Oscar Schmidt managed to score 33 points in this match, he did so with a meagre 32 per cent from the field, and Juventus Caserta finally paid for their inexperience in this type of match. Banco di Roma won the Korać Cup by beating Mobilgirgi Caserta 73-72 in the second leg, after having also beaten their rivals in the first leg the previous week. As in Caserta, the Girgi noted in excess the poor shooting performance of their two South American gunners, Oscar (6/21) and «Tato» Lopez (6/17).

*Sbarra – 14.0p
*Gilardi – 17.0p
*Solfrini – 9.5p
*Flowers – 13.0p
*Polesello – 3.5p
Rautins – 20.5p
Rossi – 2p. (1)
Picazzi – 0p. (1)

*Capone – 6.0p
*Lopez – 15.0p
*Oscar – 26.0p
*Generali – 5.0p
*Ricci – 6.0p
Gentile – 10.5p
Dell`Agnello – 6.5p
Palmieri – 0p. (1)