Korac 1984 Final: Pau Orthez proves to be far superior to the Red Star

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1984 Competitions FIBA Decade 80 Korac Cup Orthez Red Star

The final of the Korac was held in Paris, where Pau Orthez dominated from start to finish the Red Star, winning definitively by a clear (97-73)

Pau Orthez – Antibes
Red Star – Zaragoza

After a flying start by Orthez (13-8, min. 7), with an infallible McCullough (3/3), the Red Star decided to take refuge in a zone defence to try and slow down the French’s scoring pace, but Freddy Hufnagel’s entry on the pitch made it possible for the French to make another run (32-20). The break came with a clear advantage of fifteen points for Orthez (49-34), thanks in large part to the scoring efficiency of McCullough (19 points in this first part with 80% success). After the break, the Yugoslavs came out ready to equalise the match and, thanks to strong pressure all over the court, managed to cut the gap (49-40). But a new stretch of the French placed the marker in 64-48 in the 27th minute, and from that moment the party entered a phase of clear dominance of the Orthez that, with six minutes left, achieved the maximum difference of the whole encounter (83-58) and could live a relaxed end.

Orthez 97
*Ortega – 8p, 2br
*Kaba – 20p, 6r
*McCullough – 29p, 4r
*Henderson – 20p, 7r
*Bisseni – 4p, 10r
Laperche – 0p
Gadou – 0p, 1r
Laperche – 8p, 1r
Hufnagel – 8p, 1r
Gadou – 0p

Estrella Roja 73
*Karadzic – 10p, 4br
*Jankovic – 4p, 2r
*Kovacevic – 0p, 1r
*Petovic – 6p, 2r
*Zizic – 0p, 3r
Nikolic – 22p, 1br
Bogosavljev – 17p, 2r
Radovic – 12p, 4br
Avdija – 2p, 1r