Korac 1983 Final: Limoges beat Sibenka in the final minutes

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1983 Competitions FIBA Decade 80 Korac Cup Limoges Sibenka

In 1983 the Korac final was held in Berlin, where Limoges beat Sibenka (94-86) thanks to their best match final

Zadar – Sibenka
Dynamo MBK – Limoges

In a replay of last year’s Cup final Korać, Limoges and ‘Ibenka’ played out a high-quality, evenly matched encounter that only ended up on the French side in the final moments of the match. Predictably, the aim of both coaches was to stop the respective stars of the opposing team, Murphy and Dra’ at Petrović. In this respect, Limoges were more successful, as the young Yugoslavian shooting guard, under the stifling influence of Senegalese, was barely able to get into the game, while Murphy, despite the stuttering received, was the usual decisive element.

Limoges 94
*Senegal – 5p
*Murphy – 34p
*Dacoury – 16p
*Mosley – 17p
*Faye – 18p
Deganis – 0p
Dobbels – 4p

Sibenka 86
*Petrovic – 12p
*Saric – 22p
*Ljubojevic – 30p
*Macura – 8p
*Djuric – 0p
Jaric – 4p
Zecevic – 8p
Marelja – 2p