Korac 1982 Final: Limoges beat Sibenka in pain

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1982 Competitions FIBA Decade 80 Korac Cup Limoges Sibenka

In 1982 the final of the Korac was held in Padua, where the Limoges had difficulty confirming their theoretical superiority against the Sibenka. Only in the final minutes the Gauls took the title (90-84)

Zadar – Limoges
Red Star – Sibenka

Although Limoges started out as favourites in the Cup final Korać, for much of the match they failed to demonstrate this and were at the mercy of their opponents, the young and feisty Yugoslav team KK ‘Ibenka, who dominated the French side for many phases of the match. In the end, Limoges won 90-84, which was the maximum advantage gained by the French throughout the match.

Limoges 90
*Senegal – 10p
*Murphy – 35p
*Dacoury – 12p
*Kiffin – 21p
*Faye – 2p
Verove – 0p
Deganis – 10p

Sibenka 84
*Jaric – 16p
*Petrovic – 19p
*Marelja – 6p
*Slavica – 2p
*Macura – 23p
Ljubojevic – 18p
Djuric – 0p