FIBA Cup Final 2014: Reggio Emilia wins its first continental title

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2014 Competitions FIBA Decade 2010 FIBA Cup Reggio Emilia Triumph

In 2014, the final four was held in Bologna, where Reggio Emilia beat Russia’s Triumph in the final (79-65) to win their first ever continental title

Szolnoki 59 – Triumph 61
Reggio Emilia 66 – Gaziantep 55

The Italians dominated at all times. Leaving the match to be judged many minutes from the end (48-32), and (62-41) in the 25th minute. From then on the Russians dedicated themselves to make up the result, in a match decided long ago.

White (17 points), Kaukenas (15 points) and Bell (14 points) were the top scorers at Reggio Emilia. On the Russian side Higgins (21 points) and Rakovic (20 points) were the best.

Reggio Emilia 79
*Cinciarini – 7p, 7a
*Kaukenas – 15p, 2a
*White – 17p, 4r
*Silins – 2p, 2br
*Cervi – 7p, 5r
Filloy – 8p, 1br
Gigli – 3p, 3r
Brunner – 6p, 2r
Bell – 14p, 4r

Triumph 65
*Vikhrov – 8p, 2r
*Chappell – 2p, 4r
*Higgins – 21p, 5r
*Valiev – 0p, 7r
*Rakovic – 20p, 3r
Zarjazhko – 0p
Kuzjakin – 0p, 1r
Spiridonov – 0p, 1br
Voronov – 4p, 5r
Kulagin – 2p, 3r
Landry – 8p, 2r