FIBA Cup 2011 Final: The calidad del Krka if it imposes on Lokomotiv

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2011 Competitions FIBA Decade 2010 FIBA Cup Krka Novo Mesto Lokomotiv Kuban

In 2011 the FIBA Cup final four was held in Oostende, where the title went to Krka Novo Mesto, after beating Lokomotiv Kuban by (83-77), in a final that was decided in the last quarter

Spartak 64 – Lokomotiv Kuban 74
Krka 79 – Oostende 65

The first half moved in a great equality, in a match that for the moment did not have a clear owner (43-41). After the game was run in spurts, where Lokomotiv took advantages and more remarkable, but it was the Krka, who in the final stretch went in the good break, and with a partial (22-12) took the final.

Booker (20 points) for Krka, and Wilkinson (21 points) for Lokomotiv, were the top scorers for each side.

Krka Novo Mesto 83
*Dordevic – 8p, 5r
*Ikonic – 12p, 5a
*Drobnjak – 7p, 7r
*Balazic – 4p
*Pavic – 13p, 4r
Muric – 3p, 6r
Z.Dragic – 12p, 5r
Booker – 20p, 7r
Krivec – 4p, 3a

Lokomotiv Kuban 77
*Chalmers – 9p, 3a
*Surovtsev – 8p, 3a
*Tucker – 10p, 1r
*Massey – 11p, 5r
*Shukhovtsov – 1p, 1r
Jeretin – 5p, 5a
Vasilev – 2p
Wilkinson – 21p, 14r
Toporov – 7p, 4r
Sheleketo – 3p, 1r