FIBA Cup 2003 Final: Aris Salonica takes a stand against Prokom Trefl

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2003 Aris Thessaloniki Competitions FIBA Decade 2000 FIBA Cup Prokom Trefl

The final four of the first FIBA Cup in the modern format was held in Thessaloniki, where the local team, Aris, took the opportunity to win the title, beating a Prokom Trefl who fought for the match until the last second (84-83). Willie Solomon, protagonist and MVP of the final tournament

Ventspils 57 – Prokom Trefl 79
Hemofarm 66 – Aris Thessaloniki 73

It was a heart-stopping finale, where everything was decided in the last seconds of the game. Before that, Prokom had the upper hand with small advantages (36-40). But Aris never allowed the match to break down and went into the final minutes with everything to be decided. Maskoliunas scored a triple at six seconds to the end that put the Poles at an advantage (81-83), but gave time for much more. Personal on MVP Solomon, scores the first, misses the second, offensive rebound of Rajcevic and basket of victory for Aris before the delirium of his fans who populated the stands.

Aris Salónica 84
*Solomon – 32p, 5r, 5a
*Nikolaidis – 1p, 1r
*Lappas – 5p, 1r
*Stack – 14p, 17r
*Likholitov – 6p, 7r
Gagaloudis – 12p, 2r
Angelov – 2p, 1r
Grgat – 3p, 1r
Rajcevic – 9p, 8r

Prokom Trefl 83
*Maskoliunas – 6p, 3a
*Vrankovic – 10p, 3r
*Jagodnik – 10p, 7r
*Masiulis – 3p, 9r
*McNaull – 13p, 7r
Zidek – 5p, 3r
Krzykala – 3p, 2a
Fuller – 1p
Markovic – 25p, 6r
Barry – 7p, 2r