Cup 2021 Final: Barcelona will touch the trophy again

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2021 Barcelona Cup Decade 2020 Real Madrid

In 2021, the King’s Cup was held in Madrid. A competition marked by the fact that it was played without spectators due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the final was played between Barcelona and Real Madrid. The Catalans forged their victory with an impeccable first half, leaving the final practically sealed at the halfway point of the game (73-88). Cory Higgins was voted MVP

And it was all decided at half-time, when Barcelona went on a run of two halves, (11-20) in the first quarter, and (20-32) in the second, which put them 21 up at the half (31-52).

A first half that left Real Madrid, who could do little more than make up the final score, with the final result.


Tenerife 87 – Burgos 76
Real Madrid 85 – Valencia 74
Baskonia 96 – Joventut 87
Barcelona 103 – Unicaja Málaga 93

Real Madrid 85 – Tenerife 79
Barcelona 77 – Baskonia 68

Barcelona 88
*Calathes – 12p, 9a, 5r
*Higgins – 20p, 3r, 1a
*Hanga – 3p, 2r, 1a
*Mirotic – 12p, 5r
*Pustovyi – 2p, 1t
Westermann – 0p, 4a, 3r
Bolmaro – 0p
Kuric – 6p, 3r, 1br
Abrines – 8p
Smits – 13p, 2r, 1a
Oriola – 2p, 6r, 1a
Davies – 10p, 8r, 2br

Real Madrid 73
*Llull – 8p, 1r, 1a
*Causeur – 5p, 2r
*Abalde – 15p, 2r, 2a
*Deck – 9p, 3r, 1br
*Thompkins – 8p, 5r
Alocén – 9p, 3a, 1r
Laprovittola – 0p, 1a
Carroll – 0p
Garuba – 0p, 3r, 2br
Tyus – 0p
Reyes – 2p, 2r, 1a
Tavares – 17p, 9r, 5t