ACB Final 2014: Third consecutive derby and clear victory for Barcelona

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2014 ACB Barcelona Decade 2010 Real Madrid

In the ACB of 2014 we lived again for the third consecutive year the classic Real Madrid Vs Barcelona. The whites who during many phases of the season practiced a spectacular basketball that caused a sensation throughout the year. But the truth is that the whites came with a very low fuel tank and succumbed to a very superior Barcelona. The Catalans still without the field factor were able to win by a clear (1-3)

*Huertas –11.5p, 6.5a, 1.5r.
*Navarro – 15.5p, 2.2a, 1.7r.
*Papanikolau – 5.7p, 2.2r.
*Nachbar – 12.0p, 3.2r.
*Tomic – 12.2p, 8.0r, 1.5a.
Sada – 3.0p, 2.7r, 2.5a.
Oleson – 11.7p, 1.7r, 1.2a.
Abrines – 4.2p.
Dorsey – 4.0p, 5.0r.
Lampe – 5.2p, 3.7r.
Lorbek – 4.6p, 1.6r, 1.0a. (3)

Real Madrid
*Llull – 9.7p, 2.5a, 2.0r.
*Rudy – 13.2p, 4.2r, 3.5a.
*Darden – 7.0p, 3.7r.
*Mirotic – 7.5p, 1.0r.
*Bourousis – 11.7p, 5.7r, 1.0br.
Rodríguez – 11.5p, 4.5a, 2.5r.
Carroll – 8.0p, 3.0r, 1.0br.
Reyes – 7.2p, 4.2r.
Slaughter – 1.7p, 2.5r.
Mejri – 8.2p, 4.7r, 2.2t.
Diez – 0.0p. (3)
Draper – 0.0p. (2)

To reach the final they won, …
Barcelona – Laboral Kutxa (2-0), Valencia (2-3)
Real Madrid – CAI Zaragoza (2-0), Unicaja Málaga (3-1)