ACB Final 2007: Real Madrid proves to be better than Barcelona

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2007 ACB Barcelona Decade 2000 Real Madrid

In the ACB of 2007, after six years, we have a Real Madrid vs Barcelona in the final of the ACB. The white team proclaims itself just champion of league when defeating by 3-1 to Barcelona, a Madrid very well directed by Plaza won with authority, winning in the fourth game in opposite court

Real Madrid
*López – 6.0p, 1.0a.
*Bullock – 14.7p, 1.5a.
*Smith – 6.7p, 1.5r.
*Reyes – 16.5p, 6.5r. 
*Moiso – 2.0p, 1.3r. (3)
Tunceri – 8.0p, 2.0a.
Tomas – 3.2p, 1.2a.
Mumbru – 6.7p, 3.5r.
Hervelle – 6.5p, 7.5r.
Sekulic – 4.7p, 2.7r.
Sonseca – 3.0p, 2.5r. (2)
Llull – 0p. (1)

*Lakovic – 11.2p, 4.2a.
*Navarro – 13.5p, 3.5r. 
*Basile – 6.2p, 2.5r.
*Vazquez – 6.0p, 3.5r.
*Marconato – 6.7p, 4.0r.
Ukic – 4.5p, 1.0a.
Grimau – 3.7p, 2.0a.
Kakiouzis – 8.7p, 3.5r.
Trias – 6.2p, 3.2r.
Kasun – 3.5p, 2.2r.
De la Fuente – 1.2p, 1.5r.

To reach the final they won …
Real Madrid – Pamesa (3-1), Joventut (3-2)
Barcelona – Girona (3-1), TAU Ceramica (2-3)