NBA Finals 2024: Boston Celtics win ring sixteen years later

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2024 Boston Celtics Dallas Mavericks Decade 2020 NBA

In the NBA of 2024, the Boston Celtics returned to taste the sweetness of victory after sixteen years of waiting. To do so, they won in the finals, clearly, the truth is that they dominated the season from start to finish, from the regular season to all the playoffs, against Luka Doncic’s Dallas Mavericks, by (4-1)

The Celtics were led by the star duo Jaylen Brown, named MVP of the finals, and Jayson Tatum, excellently seconded by a very solid trio, Holiday, who repeats championship after the one he won with the Bucks in 2021, White, Horford, and Porzingis when injuries allowed it.

In Dallas, Doncic, very depleted at all times with various ailments, was the best, very lonely at times, for an Irving who had a hard time in the games held in Boston. The merit of the Mavericks was that they overcame all the rounds of the playoffs with the home court factor against them in the always tough West, and arrived without too much gasoline to the finals, starting it with an irretrievable (3-0).

Boston Celtics
*Holiday – 14.4p, 7.4r, 3.8a
*White – 13.8p, 4.8r, 2.6a
*Brown – 20.8p, 5.4r. 5.0a
*Tatum – 22.2p, 7.8r, 7.2a
*Horford – 7.0p, 6.2r, 2.6a
Pritchard – 3.4p, 1.6a, 1.4r
Hauser – 8.2p, 3.0r
Porzingis – 12.3p, 3.6r, 1.6t (3)
Kornet – 0.6p (3)
Mykhailiuk – 1.6p (3)
Brissett – 2.3p, 1.0r (3)
Tillman – 3.0p, 2.5r, 1.0t (2)
Springer – 0p, 2r (1)
Queta – 2p, 1t (1)
Walsh – 0p, 1r (1)

Dallas Mavericks
*Irving – 19.8p, 5.0a, 3.0r
*Doncic – 29.2p, 8.8r, 5.6a
*Jones Jr – 6.6p, 2.8r
*Washington – 10.8p, 6.2r, 1.4a
*Gafford – 8.0p, 4.4r
Hardy – 4.2p, 1.2r, 1.0a
Green – 5.4p, 2.8r
Exum – 3.8p, 1.0r
Kleber – 1.8p, 1.4r
Lively – 5.6p, 8.2r
Hardaway Jr – 3.7p, 1.5r (4)
Powell – 0.0p, 1.3r (3)
Lawson – 1.0p (2)
Prosper – 0.0p, 1.5r (2)
Morris – 3p, 4r (1)

To reach the final, they defeated…
Boston Celtics – Miami Heat (4-1); Cleveland Cavaliers (4-1); Indiana Pacers (4-0)
Dallas Mavericks – Angeles Clippers (2-4); Oklahoma City Thunder (2-4); Minnesota Timberwolves (1-4)