NBA Finals 2022: Golden State Warriors reign again

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In the NBA of 2022, the Golden State Warriors returned four years later to win the championship ring, beating the Boston Celtics who were playing in a final that they had not played for twelve years. The series after starting evenly matched, the Celtics got to put (1-2), was sentenced by the Warriors in a resounding way, winning the last three games in a solvent way to put the final (4-2)

The man of the final was Stephen Curry, finally elected MVP, well accompanied by Andrew Wiggins at a very good level, and by Klay Thompson who returned to win the championship after more than two years out of the courts due to injuries.

For the Celtics, Tatum and Brown tried to lead, but Boston paid dearly for its lack of bench and for committing too many turnovers throughout the playoffs.

Golden State Warriors
*Curry – 31.2p, 6.0r, 5.0a
*Thompson – 17.0p, 3.0r, 2.0a
*Wiggins – 18.3p, 8.8r, 2.2a
*Green – 6.2p, 8.0r, 6.2a
*Looney – 5.0p, 7.5r, 2.7a
Poole – 13.2p, 1.8r, 1.8a
Porter Jr – 5.2p, 2.0r, 1.0a
Payton II – 7.0p, 3.2r, 1.6br. (5)
Bjelica – 1.8p, 1.6r. (5)
Iguodala – 1.8p, 1.3a. (4)
Moody – 0.5p. (4)
Kuminga – 0.0p. (4)
Lee – 0.0p. (4)
Toscano-Anderson – 0.0p (4)

Boston Celtics
*Smart – 15.2p, 5.0a, 4.5r
*Tatum – 21.5p, 7.0a, 6.8r
*Brown – 23.5p, 7.3r, 3.7a
*Horford – 12.5p, 8.5r, 2.8a
*R.Williams – 7.5p, 7.5r, 2.8t
Pritchard – 2.7p, 2.2r, 1.0a
White – 9.8p, 2.2a, 1.5r
G.Williams – 4.2p, 2.3r, 1.0a
Nesmith – 1.4p. (5)
Stauskas – 0.6p. (5)
Hauser – 0.6p. (5)
Morgan – 0.0p. (4)
Kornet – 1.6p. (3)
Fitts – 1.0p. (3)
Thies – 1.5p, 2.5r. (2)

To reach the final, they defeated…
Golden State Warriors – Denver Nuggets (4-1); Memphis Grizzlies (4-2); Dallas Mavericks (4-1)
Boston Celtics – Brooklyn Nets (4-0); Milwaukee Bucks (4-3); Miami Heat (4-3)