NBA 1966 Final: Boston Celtics extend their tyranny

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1966 Angeles Lakers Boston Celtics Decade 60 NBA

In the 1966 NBA, the previous year’s final was repeated, and once again, and for the eighth time in a row, the Celtics were crowned NBA champions after beating the Los Angeles Lakers seven times in a row. The Lakers started off by winning the first game, but then the Celtics went on to win three in a row, the Purple drew the match, until the Greens won by a narrow margin (95-93)

Boston Celtics
*KC Jones – 7.6p, 4.4a, 3.1r
*S. Jones – 22.9p, 6.4r, 3.3a
*Sanders – 14.7p, 6.4r, 1.9a
*Havlicek – 23.0p, 10.0r, 4.0a
*Russell – 23.6p, 24.3r, 3.7a
Siegfried – 13.1p, 2.9a, 1.9r
Nelson – 7.6p, 5.1r
Counts – 5.8p, 3.6r. (5)
Bonham – 1.6p, 1.0r. (3)
Naulls – 1.3p, 2.0r. (3)
Thompson – 2p, 2r. (1)

Angeles Lakers
*Goodrich – 13.6p, 4.1a, 3.6r
*West – 33.9p, 6.4r, 5.1a
*LaRusso – 11.0p, 5.3r, 1.1a
*Baylor – 25.0p, 16.4r, 2.3a
*Ellis – 12.4p, 9.1r
Hazzard – 8.0p, 2.6a, 1.4r
King – 7.3p, 2.9a, 2.3r
Imhoff – 2.0p, 5.9r, 2.4a
Boozer – 2.0p, 3.3r. (3)
Hoover – 4p, 2r. (1)
Wiley – 0p, 1r. (1)

To get to the final they beat…
Boston Celtics – Cincinnati Royals (3-2); Philadelphia Sixers (4-3)
Angeles Lakers – St. Louis Hawks (4-3)