NBA 1961 Final: St. Louis Hawks were no match for the Celtics

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1961 Boston Celtics Decade 60 NBA St. Louis Hawks

The 1961 NBA was for the Celtics, who were winning their third consecutive ring this year. In the final they faced the St. Louis Hawks, who didn’t show much resistance, only winning the third game of the series, the rest of the games were dyed green. Cousy from the management and Russell dominating the painting, made the difference

Boston Celtics
*Cousy – 19.8p, 10.6a, 5.0r
*S.Jones – 12.4p, 6.0r, 2.4a
*Ramsey – 15.2p, 5.0r, 2.0a
*Heinshon – 22.0p, 8.8r, 1.4a
*Russell – 17.6p, 28.8r, 4.4a
Sharman – 13.6p, 2.2r, 1.4a
Sanders – 9.6p, 9.0r, 1.2a
Conley – 4.2p, 4.0r
Loscutoff – 3.8p, 3.0r
KC Jones – 2.8p, 2.2a, 2.0r

St. Louis Hawks
*McCarthy – 4.6p, 4.2r, 3.2a
*Wilkens – 12.4p, 6.0r, 2.0a
*Hagan – 29.4p, 11.8r, 4.4a
*Pettit – 28.4p, 16.4r, 3.0a
*Sauldsberry – 10.0p, 9.2r, 2.6a
Green – 8.0p, 6.4r, 2.6a
Ferrari – 5.8p, 2.3a, 2.0r. (4)
Lovellete – 14.0p, 5.0r, 1.3a. (3)
LaCour – 5.0p, 2.0r, 2.0a. (2)
Foust – 1.0p, 2.0r. (2)
Piontek – 2p, 3r, 1a. (1)

To get to the final they beat…
Boston Celtics – Syracuse Nationals (4-1)
St. Louis Hawks – Angeles Lakers (4-3)