NBA 1959 Final: Boston Celtics begin the longest tirade in history

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In the 1959 NBA, the Boston Celtics beat the Minneapolis Lakers in the final, sweeping aside their opponents 4-0. A first ring of many for the Greens, as this would be the first of up to eight in a row, and ten over the next eleven seasons

Boston Celtics
*Cousy – 16.8p, 12.8a, 8.0a
*Sharman – 22.5p, 1.8r, 1.3a
*Ramsey – 22.5p, 5.8r, 2.5a
*Heinsohn – 24.3p, 8.8r, 3.0a
*Russell – 9.3p, 29.5r, 5.3r
S.Jones – 9.8p, 4.8r, 1.5a
Loscutoff – 9.5p, 5.5r, 1.8a
Conley – 7.3p, 9.0r
KC Jones – 0.0p, 0.5r. (2)
Swain – 0.0p, 1.0r. (2)

Minneapolis Lakers
*Leonard – 14.3p, 9.0a, 3.5r
*Garmaker – 19.3p, 4.3r
*Mikkelsen – 21.0p, 12.3r
*Baylor – 22.8p, 11.8r
*Foust – 12.5p, 15.0r
Krebs – 10.8p, 8.3r
Fleming – 4.0p, 2.8r
Ellis – 3.5p, 3.5r
Rod Hundley – 0.0p, 1.3r.
Hamilton – 4.6p, 6.0r. (3)

To get to the final they beat…
Boston Celtics – Syracuse Nationals (4-3)
Minneapolis Lakers – Detroit Pistons (2-1); St. Louis Hawks (4-2)