EuroLeague 1964 Final: Emiliano takes Real Madrid to the top

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The competition starts with 23 teams, which will have to pass two previous rounds in a roundtrip format, after which there will be 8 survivors who will play the quarterfinals. CSKA Moscow was exempted from playing them

In the previous round
Milan Olympics eliminated Antwerpse
The Brno eliminated the Maccabi
Steaua Bucharest eliminated Galatasaray
The Toverit eliminated the Chemie Halle
Legia eliminated the Lisbon
Real Madrid eliminated Aachen
The OKK eliminated the Paris

In the quarter-finals in a round-robin format, they faced STEAUA BUCAREST against BRNO, MILAN against TOVERIT and REAL MADRID against LEGIA. OKK were exempted from this match as they had no opponents.

Brno eliminated Steaua Bucharest (94-92); (104-75)
Olimpia Milan eliminated the Toverit (99-70); (97-87)
Real Madrid eliminated Legia (90-102); (92-86)

The semi-finals, which were played in a round-robin format, pitted BRNO against OKK and REAL MADRID against OLIMPIA MILAN.

Real Madrid eliminated Olimpia Milan (82-77); (101-78)
The Brno eliminated the OKK (103-94); (85-75)

The final was played in a roundtrip format and Real Madrid will face the return leg of the European Cup final with an eleven-point deficit and injuries to Luyk and Sevillano, a «lesser evil» after weathering the storm that Spartak Brno subjected him to in the first leg. After a sensational start to the white team’s match, in which they had a maximum lead of seven points (16-23), the Czechoslovakian team managed to equalise the score (24-24, min. 8), and from that moment on the match entered a phase of great equality. In the 12th minute, Sevillano had to retire from the track due to a foot injury, despite which Real Madrid managed to maintain the type and could reach the break with a tight score (54-53).

However, a Madrid bump at the start of the second half, caused by Spartak’s rampage and player rotations to avoid a build-up, put the score at a dangerous 84-64 in favour of the home side (min. 25). Fortunately for Real Madrid, the five-time penalty shootout of the giant Konečný, and later Jan Bobrovský’s, meant that the Whites were able to react in time and close the gap (101-93). Then came Luyk’s injury and the successive eliminations of Sáinz, Descartín and Hanson, which meant that Real Madrid had to play the last few minutes with only two of their regular players, Emiliano and Burgess, and the reserves Palmero, Durand and Monsalve, which left the final score in a dangerous 110-99 for Spartak.

BRNO 110
*Pistelak – 28p, 2r.
*Z.Bobrovsky – 12p, 1r.
*Konvicka – 30p, 4r.
*Vlk – 2p, 4r.
*Konecny – 16p, 9r.
J.Bobrovsky – 21p, 5r.
Pokorny – 1p, 4r.

*Sainz – 10p, 1r.
*Sevillano – 2p.
*Emiliano – 31p, 3r.
*Luyk – 18p, 8r.
*Burgess – 22p, 10r.
Hanson – 6p, 1r.
Descartin – 8p, 2r.
Durand – 2p.
Palmero – 0p.
Monsalve – 0p.

In the second match, Real Madrid had to fight tooth and nail in the return leg to overcome the eleven points they lost in the first leg, played at the «Fiesta Alegre» fronton in the midst of an electrifying atmosphere. The Czechoslovakians took advantage of the initial nervousness of Madrid to dominate from the outset (2-6), although after managing to draw the match, Real Madrid began to take off on the scoreboard (19-12; 27-18). In the closing stages of the first half, Spartak, with the help of the inspired Konvička and Pištělák, managed to close the gap dangerously until they went into the dressing room with a minimal four-point deficit (37-33). The final was still in the air, and the nervousness of all those present at the fronton in Calle Valenzuela was palpable.

In the second half, the panorama changed completely. The initial five of Real Madrid (Sáinz, Sevillano, Emiliano, Luyk and Burgess) launched from the first minute to an irresistible game of offensive deployments and the differences shot up. Spartak managed to hold their own, but with 42-37 on the board, Jan Bobrovský, one of their best players, was eliminated. Shortly after, with 56-40, the eliminated was their giant Konečný. Already unopposed, the Madridistas flew to the final victory, and reached a maximum difference of 25 points (68-43).

*Descartin – 2p, 1r.
*Sainz – 8p.
*Emiliano – 28p, 3r.
*Luyk – 25p, 9r.
*Burgess – 13p, 7r.
Sevillano – 8p, 3r.
Hanson – 0p, 2r.

*Pistelak – 8p, 1r.
*Z.Bobrovsky – 14p, 2r.
*Konvicka – 23p, 5r.
*J.Bobrovsky – 8p, 4r.
*Konecny – 2p, 5r.
Milota – 6p, 4r.
Pokorny – 3p.