EuroLeague 1961 Final: CSKA win their first European Cup in the first leg

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The competition starts with 24 teams, which will have to pass two previous rounds in a roundtrip format, after which there will be 8 survivors who will play the quarterfinals. ASK Riga was exempted from playing these rounds

In the previous round
CSKA Moscow eliminated Charleville
Bucharest has eliminated the Bologna virus
Legia eliminated Spartak
Hapoel tel Aviv eliminated Galatasaray
Real Madrid eliminated Engelmann
The Antwerspe eliminated the OKK
Prague eliminated the Pojat

The quarter-finals were played in a round-robin format and pitted ASK RIGA against HAPOEL TEL AVIV, PRAGUE against BUCHAREST, CSKA MOSCOW against LEGIA and REAL MADRID against ANTWERPSE.

ASK Riga eliminated Hapoel Tel Aviv (84-60); (74-78)
Bucharest eliminated Prague (60-50); (65-47)
CSKA Moscow eliminated Legia (72-98); (85-73)
Real Madrid eliminated Antwerpse (62-89); (88-66)

In the semi-finals, also in a round-robin format, ASK RIGA took on REAL MADRID and CSKA MOSCOW took on BUCHAREST.

ASK Riga eliminated Real Madrid (78-75); (66-45)
CSKA Moscow eliminated Bucharest (98-58); (57-73)

In the first leg, CSKA began to build on their final victory by winning on the opposing side with a practically definitive win. The (62-87) final made it very difficult for the Riga team to have any kind of hope. The Russians already went on the scoreboard during the first half, reaching the break fifteen up (35-50). The locals could do nothing before a very offensive game led by Zubkov and Volnov, the latter leaving from the bench. In the second half the distances were only getting wider, Riga was trying not to go further because there was still the second leg but really only Lipso and Krumins showed their faces and it was too little against a much superior CSKA.

*Valdmanis – 9p, 1r.
*Klanins – 6p, 3r.
*G.Muiznieks – 10p, 5r.
*Lipso – 15p, 8r.
*Krumins – 14p, 7r.
Hehts – 2p, 2r.
Gulbis – 4p.
V.Muiznieks – 2p, 1r.

*Alachachian – 12p, 2r.
*Travin – 13p, 1r.
*Kharitonov – 5p, 3r.
*Bochkarjov – 13p, 5r.
*Zubkov – 18p, 6r.
Volnov – 18p, 8r.
Semjonov – 8p, 3r.
Astakhov – 0p.

CSKA’s 25-point lead from the outset marked the outcome of the return match. The Russians, this time at home, tried at all times to play with the clock. Very long possessions, very meditated attacks and a clear attempt to control the tempo of the match. The Riga as it could not be otherwise tried to accelerate the situation and try to break the game to reach the end with some hope of option (26-31) at halftime. Bergs coming off the bench and Klanins were the most active players facing the Riga hoop. But the truth is that CSKA’s final victory was never in danger, even though it was almost the whole game below them on the scoreboard, but always with very controlled rents. Zubkov did a lot of damage to the opposition defence and was well supported by Volnov. The Muscovites were thus opening their own title account.

*Alachachian – 4p.
*Travin – 6p, 1r.
*Volnov – 13p, 7r.
*Bochkarjov – 2p, 5r.
*Zubkov – 25p, 11r.
Kharitonov – 2p, 3r.
Semjonov – 9p, 2r.

*Valdmanis – 8p, 3r.
*Klanins – 11p, 2r.
*G.Muiznieks – 8p, 5r.
*Lipso – 9p, 9r.
*Krumins – 6p, 4r.
Bergs – 20p, 3r.
Gulbis – 2p, 1r.
V.Muiznieks – 2p, 2r.