EuroCup 2024 Final: Paris Basketball takes the French final

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In the 2024 EuroCup, Paris Basketball was crowned champion after defeating the other French contender, JL Bourg en Bresse, in the final with a 2-0 score

The EuroCup changed its format this year, abandoning the single-game system until the title. This year, the decisive match transformed into a best-of-three series for the semifinals and the final, and the top-ranked teams in the regular phase were exempt from playing in the round of 16.

Round of 16
ratiopharm Ulm 79 – Joventut 88
Prometey 95 – Aris Salónica 67
London Lions 100 – Telekom Ankara 77
Gran Canaria 78 – Besiktas 80

JL Bourg 95 – Prometey 82
Cluj-Napoca 79 – London Lions 91
Hapoel Tel Aviv 89 – Besiktas 94
París Basketball 86 – Joventut 70

In the semifinals, Paris Basketball eliminated the London Lions with a clear 2-0 victory, winning in Paris with a score of 99-86 and then 85-93 on English soil.

In the other matchup, JL Bourg had to go to a third game to overcome Besiktas with a 2-1 victory, in a series where home court advantage played a crucial role. Bourg won the first game 86-74, Besiktas won on their home court 82-71, and the third game returned to the French side with the support of their fans, in a match that they won with a bigger margin, 89-63.

After a long journey, the EuroCup had its finalists, in an all-French final: Paris Basketball vs. JL Bourg.

A best-of-three final series, which leaned in favor of Paris Basketball as they clinched the series with a 2-0 win. They won the first game 77-64 at home. It was a victory fueled by a strong start, allowing them to take a 23-11 lead and reach halftime with a clear advantage of 54-31. They maintained a 23-point lead until the final result. TJ Shorts, with 15 points and 4 assists, and Nadir Hifi, with 13 points, were the best performers for the home team. For Bourg, Zaccharie Risacher stood out with 11 points and 4 rebounds, along with Jequan Lewis, who scored 10 points.

In the second game, Paris Basketball claimed the trophy after winning 81-89. Despite the final eight-point difference, the visitors dominated the scoreboard throughout the game, starting from the beginning of the second quarter. Isiaha Mike contributed 16 points and 6 rebounds for Bourg, Jeremy Morgan scored 14 points, and Bodian Massa added 12 points, leading their team in scoring. For the Parisian team, TJ Shorts, the MVP of the final, was the standout player of the game with 22 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists, followed by Mikael Jantunen with 14 points, and Nadir Hifi with 14 points as well.

Paris Basketball 2
*Shorts – 18.5p, 4.5r, 4.5a.
*Herrera – 9.0p, 2.5r, 1.0br.
*Ward – 5.0p, 3.0r.
*Kratzer – 5.5p, 5.0r, 1.0t.
*Jantunen – 9.0p, 2.5a, 2.0r.
Ngouama – 4.5p, 3.0a, 1.5br.
Hifi – 13.5p, 1.5a, 1.0br.
Simon – 8.5p, 3.5r, 1.5br.
Malcolm – 5.5p, 4.0r, 1.0a.
Kessens – 3.0p, 3.5r.
Sy – 2p. (1)
Denis – 0p. (1)

JL Bourg 0
*Lewis – 8.0p, 5.0a, 3.5r
*Morgan – 8.0p.
*Risacher – 7.5p, 3.0r, 1.0a.
*Mike – 12.5p, 5.0r, 1.5a.
*Kokila – 2.5p, 4.5r.
Benitez – 8.0p, 4.0a, 1.5r.
Brown – 5.5p, 3.5r, 1.0a.
Julien – 10.0p, 2.0a, 1.5r.
Salash – 2.5p, 2.5r, 1.0a.
Massa – 8.0p, 4.0r.
Rowland – 2p, 1r, 2a. (1)
Courby – 0p. (1)