EuroCup 2021 Final: Monaco take advantage of tired Unics Kazan

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2021 Decade 2020 EuroCup Monaco Unics Kazan

In the 2021 EuroCup, the title went to Monaco after a 2-0 win over Unics Kazan in the final. The Russians came with less fuel for the key moment after beating competition favourites Virtus Bologna in the semi-finals. Rob Gray, MVP

Quarter finals
Monaco – Buducnost (2-1)
Levallois – Gran Canaria (0-2)
Virtus Bolonia – Joventut (2-0)
Unics Kazan – Lokomotiv (2-1)

Monaco – Gran Canaria (2-0)
Unics Kazan – Virtus Bolonia (2-1)

Monaco may have won 2-0, but neither game in the final was a clear-cut game, quite the contrary. The first, on Monegasque soil, was decided by two points (89-87), the second in Russia by three (83-86).

The physical strength of the Monaco team, together with their success at key moments, and Unics Kazan’s fatigue were decisive in deciding the champion.

*Bost – 15.0p, 5.0a
*Knight – 14.0p, 9.0r
*Demahis – 1.5p, 1.0a
*Inglis – 0.5p, 2.5r
*Lessort – 12.5p, 4.5r
Gray – 24.0p, 2.5r
Ndoye – 3.0p, 2.5r
Yeguete – 3.5p, 3.0r
O`Brien – 13.5p, 2.5r
Choupas – 0p, 1r. (1)

Unics Kazan
*Theodore – 15.0p, 7.0a
*Canaan – 11.5p, 4.0r
*Holland – 8.5p, 1.0r
*White – 7.5p, 4.0r
*Klimenko – 14.0p, 4.5r
Wolters – 4.5p, 1.0a
Smith – 6.0p, 4.0r
Antipov – 2.5p, 1.0r
Uzinskii – 2.5p, 1.0r
Brown – 13.0p, 6.5r