EuroCup 2014 Final: Valencia Basketball far surpasses Unics Kazan

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2014 Decade 2010 EuroCup Unics Kazan Valencia Basket

After 10 years with a single final, in 2014 there was again a return final, where Valencia, four years later, won the competition again, beating Unics Kazan in the final, with Justin Doellman as MVP of the final, and by far the best player of the tournament

Budivelnik – Red Star
Ankara – Unics Kazan
Valencia Basket – ALBA Berlin
Hapoel Jerusalem – Nizhny Novgorod

Red Star – Unics Kazan
Valencia Basket – Nizhny Novgorod

Valencia was superior to Unics, winning both matches in the final. First at home, by (80-67), in a match where they managed to win by more than 20 on several occasions, and then in Kazan, where they confirmed their superiority, winning by (73-85) in a match that they dominated for most of the minutes.

Valencia Basket
*Van Rossom – 6.5p, 3.0r
*Ribas – 8.0p, 2.5a
*Sato – 5.5p, 6.0r
*Doellman – 27.0p, 5.5r
*Dubljevic – 8.0p, 3.5r
Martínez – 10.5p
Aguilar – 5.5p, 1.0r
Lafayette – 5.0p, 6.5a
Lishchuk – 4.5p, 1.5r
Lucic – 2.0p, 3.5r
Triguero – 0p, 2r. (1)
Abia – 0p. (1)

Unics Kazan
*Zisis – 4.0p, 3.0a
*Goudelock – 15.5p, 1.0r
*Eidson – 9.0p, 9.5r, 4.0a
*Kurbanov – 5.0p, 6.5r
*Vougioukas – 8.0p, 2.0r
Harangody – 8.5p, 5.0r
McKee – 2.5p, 2.0a
Sergeev – 2.5p
Sokolov – 3.5p, 1.0a
Veremeenko – 11.5p, 4.5r
Antipov – 0p. (1)