EuroBasket Final 2011: Spain repeats the Gold

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In the 2.011 it is disputed the European of Lithuania, where in the great final Spain returned to do it, returned to be champion for second consecutive European when defeating the French by 98-85. A lot of Spain against a great France that in spite of it never gave the sensation of defeating the Hispanics. The Spanish dream continues, Spain European Gold!!! and Navarro MVP of Europe

In the semi-finals, Spain beat the surprising Macedonia, who came from beating Lithuania in the quarterfinals, by 92-80 with a heavenly Navarro with 35 points. In the other semi-final France finally showed their quality and beat the always complicated Russia by 79-71. In the fight for the Bronze Russia defeated Macedonia 68-72, winning a medal again four years later.

Spain reissues its title of European champion after defeating France (98-85) in the final of Eurobasket 2011. The Spanish team achieves a record that was not achieved since 1997, when Yugoslavia repeated triumph and in Barcelona.

The match soon became a duel of ‘gunmen’ between Navarro and Parker, who chose the Spanish side by 27 to 26. The captain of the team was consecrated as MVP of the final and the tournament.

The escort of Barça eclipsed in part his friend and former teammate Pau Gasol, but the contribution of the power forward of the Lakers did not demerit previous tournaments of Sant Boi. Pau made 17 points and 10 rebounds, ‘double-doubles’.

It was the difference of the match, not only the challenge Navarro-Parker. Spain showed to have a team, in front of the throws starred by the figures of the French team.

Parker pulls on France
Parker pulled his team with nine points in the first quarter, but it was 25-20 for Spain. However, he had to come back from the bright start of ‘les bleus’.

That partial was reached thanks to a festival of three pointers in the last minutes, including Marc Gasol and Batum. And, of course, Navarro and Parker. France took advantage of some defensive absent-mindedness of the Spaniards to score under the hoop, something strange in previous games.

Scariolo corrected some of those defects in the next quarter, thanks in part to the entry of Ibaka. The Spaniard of Congolese origin gave a whole festival of stoppers, flying over everyone’s heads with spectacular jumps.

The lucky one was Ricky Rubio, who had to sit down shortly after leaving by a fortuitous elbow. Calderón’s relief passed to Víctor Sada, who performed despite the ballot.

Noah was disappointing on the French side, but Diaw and Batum gave some air to their team’s attack. Again equal in the scoreboard with another partial 25-21, ie 50-41 in the electronic.

Rudy’s key unsportsmanlike
Rudy’s unsportsmanship of Parker frustrated a good lead and allowed the French to be approached, with two free throws from De Colo and three from Batum.

France feared the third quarter of Spain and was not wrong. Until that moment, Spain saw how they cut their advantage when they passed the ten points. The Gauls survived on the basis of tugs of pride when they saw the barrier of ten points.

In fact, in the third quarter they reacted with a 0-6 to a good advantage of Spain. But the festival of Navarro did not falter, and the party was joined by his teammates with providential aid.

Rudy was released, and Sada and Calderón were also released. The truth is that in a few moments the Spaniards were seen to lower the level of intensity that the final required.

The rent increased to 13 points at the end of the third quarter and the last ten minutes were a I want and I can not by Tony Parker, who was more than alone before the Spanish danger.

A Pau Gasol dissatisfied with his performance, conditioned by the early personal, was released the mane in the final stretch and was even allowed to pull three. The advantage was around twenty, but was never reached by the caste of Parker, who maintained the advantage and did not allow the defeat of beating.

The last minutes were a gift for Felipe Reyes and Víctor Claver, a deserved tribute in difficult personal moments for both. «Espartaco» Reyes was in charge of picking up the trophy in a precious gesture from his teammates.

Spain 98
*Calderon – 17p, 4r.
*Navarro – 27p, 5a.
*Fernandez – 14p, 4r.
*P.Gasol – 17p, 10r.
*M.Gasol – 11p, 6r.
Sada – 2p, 1a.
Rubio – 0p, 2r.
Llull – 4p, 2a.
San Emeterio – 0p.
Ibaka – 4p, 5t.
Reyes – 2p, 1a.
Claver – 0p.

France 85
*Parker – 26p, 5r, 5a.
*Batum – 10p, 4r.
*Diaw – 12p, 7a.
*F.Pietrus – 4p, 2r.
*Noah – 11p, 8r.
De Colo – 2p, 1a.
Kahudi – 3p.
Gelabale – 8p.
Traore – 4p, 4r.
Seraphin – 4p, 1r.
Albicy – 1p, 1a.
Tchicamboud – 0p.